BARA: Former Member of National Assembly Al-Haaj Shah Jee Gul Afridi has announced formation of a new political party to pursue its reforms agenda.

Shah Jee Gul Afridi announced formation of a new party while addressing a public meeting in Jamrud on Thursday. He said the name of his party will be Tehreek-e-Islahat Pakistan. He said his party will serve the people from Chitral to Karachi.

The former lawmaker said it was due to efforts of his supporters that former Fata was integrated into the rest of Pakistan through 25th constitutional amendment. He said his party will make efforts for swift development of merged tribal districts and persuade the government to fulfil all its promises with the people. He said it is a matter of great satisfaction that due to efforts of his supporters, the monopoly of former political agents came to an end in merged districts and now the rule of law will prevail.

Shah Jee expressed grave concern over law and order situation in neighbouring Afghanistan and said peace in Pakistan is not possible without peace in Afghanistan. He said the people of merged tribal districts have totally rejected the slogan of so-called ‘Lar au Bar’. He said the proponents of this slogan are not sincere with Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Shah Jee, whose family wields considerable political influence in Khyber district, said that with the support of masses, the obsolete system in erstwhile Fata came to an end, and with same zeal, the theory of ‘Lar au Bar’ will also meet its fate.

Shah Jee was warmly welcomed by his supporters upon his arrival in Jamrud and rose petals were showered on him. The party vice chairman Malik Habib Noor also addressed the gathering. He said the party will be formally launched on August 14, 2021 at a huge public gathering in Islamabad. He said the launching ceremony of the new party will be attended by people from all parts of the country. He said the new party will raise voice for the rights of people of merged districts and rest of the country. He said he was confident that the ideology of the party would get great support among the masses.


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