Women busy in training of making local dresses in Chitral. – Photo by Gul Hammad Farooqi

By Said Nazir

CHITRAL, 24 July: The beautiful traditional women garments at Shahi Gul Centre in Anesh Killi area of Chital wore by the local girls and women add to the beauty of the tall and green mountains of the valley.

Shahi Gul, who is known for his social activities in his village and surrounding areas, aims to provide training to the local women in embroidery and stitching on women clothes to enable them to earn their livelihood with dignity. He has obtained a shop on rent near his house to pursue his aim of training the women in garments making.

“I have opened this training centre to equip the women of Kailash with this art and make them self-sufficient. Some women are learning sewing and some are learning embroidery. They also earn some money here which they can utilise for purchasing books and pencils for other members of their families. Twenty-five women are currently receiving training at my centre,” Shahi Gul told TNN.

The women trainers at the training centre have also dedicated one room of their houses to display the beautiful handmade clothes, caps, shawls, scarfs and ribbons for sale to earn livelihood for their families.

Shahi Gul says he is arranging training for the women under the passion of public service and he doesn’t charge anything for this purpose.

“These women have no money and we didn’t see any fee either. The purpose of this training is to enable the local women to earn livelihood for them. This training is for deserving women,” Shahi Gul says.

He says Kailash enjoys a special repute in the world due to its specific culture. He says business activities are good in the area due to arrival of large number of tourists. However, he says the government should also come forward for technical training of the local people to end poverty from the area.

“The government is not extending any help with us. The government should at least provide cloth, thread and other material used in making of traditional dresses. I am trying for the last five years, but the government has not provided any assistance to us,” he said.