BANNU: The displaced people hailing from Shawal area of North Waziristan tribal district on Friday held a protest demonstration in Bannu against excluding Shawal from the new provincial constituencies.

Shawal area of North Waziristan, comprising a population of tens of thousands, hasn’t been included in the new provincial constituencies of the tribal districts for the upcoming provincial elections due to which the people from the area will not be able to cast vote in the provincial polls. A large number of people, including students, took part in the protest in Bannu.

Participants of the protest called upon the government to revive all activities in Shawal and include it in the new constituencies. They said repatriation of all the displaced people from Shawal must be completed on priority basis and local people must be appointed on vacant posts in Shawal tehsil after its revival. They said the people of Shawal must also be compensated for damages during militancy and military operations.

The protesters said the people of Shawal also deserve all facilities which are being given to people of other parts of North Waziristan. They said schools and health centres should be established in the area on priority basis. They said jobs and scholarships should also be provided to the people of Shawal tehsil to improve their life condition.

The protest by the youth of Shawal came two days after the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) notified share of tribal districts in the KP Assembly.

Under the notification, the newly-merged districts of the province secured 16 provincial assembly seats. The ECP notification says the delimitation of constituencies is based on 6th Population Census conducted in 2017. Khyber and Bajaur districts are topping the list with three MPAs seats each. Both the districts are the most populated districts among seven tribal districts with a population of 1,093,684 and 986,973 individuals respectively.

District Mohmand with a population of 472,357, Kurram with a population of 619,553, North Waziristan with a population of 543,254 and South Waziristan with a population of 674,065 individuals have two seats each in the KP Assembly.

Similarly, the Orakzai tribal district with a total population 254356 and Frontier Regions with a total population of 1, 14416 individuals have got one seat each in the provincial assembly.

The ECP has notified the share of the tribal districts in the provincial assembly under Section 19 of the Elections Act, 2017 and Rule 8 of the Elections Rules, 2017 in accordance with the provision of Article 106 of the Constitution of Pakistan as amended through 25th constitutional amendment made for the erstwhile Fata’s merger with the province.


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