MANSEHRA: With the first rain of winter in Mansehra and snowfall at the mountains, the weather has turned cold and shepherds have started migrating to plain areas.

The shepherds with their sheep and goats come to natural grazing lands of Chohar and Malian, spread over hundreds of square kilometres in Mansehra, Battagram and Kohistan districts. These shepherds feed their goats and sheep for five or six months in these natural grazing lands. The herds also drink fresh water from springs of these picturesque locations during that period.

Shepherds return from these grazing lands after five or six months to plain areas when the weather gets cold. The good weather, food and water of these grazing lands puts positive impact on the herds with visible growth and reproduction. Hundreds of nomad families in this region are associated with this practice since the last many centuries.

Now these shepherds are migrating to Haripur, Swabi, Mardan and other plain areas of KP and to the banks of Indus River in Punjab after change in weather.