BARA, 6 December: The students of Government Higher Secondary for Girls in Akakhel, Khyber Agency have said the future of hundreds of girls will be on stake if the four-year Bachelor of Science (BS) programme was shifted to Jamrud College.

The school students said the four-year BS programme is registered with the Benazir Women University with special permission granted by the FATA Secretariat. They said under the programme, 41 students are completing their courses in Islamiat and Botany. However, now 70 more girls students have not been given admissions as the Benazir Women University has now decided to close the programme in Akakhel School and shift it to Jamrud College.

The girls said they have no permission from their families to go to Jamrud College, which means their education will be affected due to this decision of the university. They said no girl would be able to go to Jamrud for BS and their dream of higher education will be shattered.

“They should not disturb our ongoing studies and let us complete our education here,” Shaista, a BS student, told TNN.

Another student, Hina, said the shifting of the college means a full stop for their studies.

“We cannot move forward if our studies were stopped midway. I aspire to complete MS and PhD after completing my BS and serve my people, but disturbance in our studies will shatter our dreams,” she said.

The FATA Secretariat Education Directorate officials said the Benazir University has decided to end the registration of the school due to lack of staff and laboratory and it will be shifted to Jamrud College.