BANNU, November 15: People in Bannu complain that shopkeepers are overcharging customers and violating the official pricelists.

Most people buy commodities in Bannu bazaar because they think prices in the marketplace may be affordable compared to shops in their native rural areas. However, they say there is little difference in the rates.

The clientele says none of the shopkeepers have displayed official price list.

“Authorities need to ensure that shopkeepers display official price lists and don’t overcharge customers,” said a local resident.

A traders said they received official pricelists but that often they receive commodities on higher costs and hence they are not able to follow the official rates.

A food inspector of the area, Mr Jaffar Shah, says they fine 10 to 15 shopkeepers of the area on a daily basis but that they do not fine small vendors selling vegetables and fruit.

“Official prices cannot be decided for commodities like vegetables and fruit because their prices change daily. However, other shopkeepers who do not display and follow official prices may be fined from 1000 rupees to 10,000 rupees,” he added.


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