Shortest route between Bara, Tirah valley opened for public

BARA, 12 February: The shortest route between Bara subdivision and the scenic Tirah valley has been opened for general public, officials said here on Monday.

The route, locally known as Sheen Kamar road, was closed for public travelling some eight years ago due to militants’ insurgency in the region.

Officials said that travelers would only be allowed on the road after showing their computerized national identity cards (CNICs) and getting the VRF form from the soldiers guarding the security check posts.

“The motorists and the truckers coming from Tirah side would be required to go through security checking at Dwa Toi area. They would be given a verification form by the security forces only to be received back at Mastak. Those travelling from Bara would get the form at Mastak and return the same at Dwa Toi. Frequent check posts have been established on the road where female searchers would also be deployed,” a senior security official told TNN.

Neither the political administration nor the security forces have made any official announcement regarding the opening of the route, however, vehicles are being allowed through the passage.

The opening of the route has been widely appreciated by the local tribesmen as it would serve as the shortest road to the picturesque Tirah valley.

Shan Afridi, a local from Bara subdivision told TNN that previously they used to go via Kohat and Orakzai Agency which would take about seven to eight hours.

“With the opening of the Sheen Karam route, the journey to Tirah valley would hardly take three to four hours, which almost half of the previous route,” an excited Shan said.

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