BARA, 04 December: Extending their full support to the government in restoring peace in the area, the Sipah tribe of the Khyber Agency has sought more time for handing over militants.

A jirga of the tribe’s elders met with officials of the political administration here and assured them of their full cooperation. The delegation of elders asked the political authorities to give them time till Dec 25 for the handing over of the wanted militants.

The jirga announced that an 80-member committee would be establish to sustainable peace in the area.

“If the militants do not surrender to the government, the committee will take up arms against them side by side with armed forces,” the jirga declared.

The jirga further announced that it would also take actions against those involved in kidnapping for ransom and murder cases and would demolish their houses besides imposing a fine of one million rupees on them.

The political administration of Khyber agency had asked the Sipah tribe to hand over as many 80 wanted militants to the government or pay Rs.120 million fine. The administration has also delayed the return of IDPs belonging to Sipah tribe due to the non-payment of the fine.


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