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BARA, 28 April: The displaced people of Sipah tribe of Khyber Agency have demanded of the government to take concrete steps for their early repatriation to their native areas.
Talking to TNN, they said repatriation of people hailing from different tribes of Bara is in progress and the tribesmen were receiving incentives as well. However, they complained that the Sipah tribesmen were not allowed to go back to their homes and were also not given the Rs 25,000 governor package.
The political administration, on the other hand, is of the view that they asked the Sipah tribe to handover 102 militant. However, they had handed over only 16 while the rest are still at large.
The official of the administration said once the repatriation of other tribes completed, they would make final decision about the repatriation and other incentives to Sipah tribe.


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