Investigators inspecting the scene of the murder of PPP leader Hamid Turi in Kurram Agency. – Photo by Ali Afzal

PARACHINAR, 13 July: Six Levies officials have been arrested after the murder of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Hamid Turi in Kurram Agency.

Assistant Political Agent Shahid Ali Khan said these six Levies personnel were deputed on security duty at a check post near the place were Hamid Turi was murdered. He said these Levies officials did not notice any movement on the night of the murder and they were even unaware of any firing near their place of duty. He said the negligent Levies men have been dismissed and arrested.

The assistant political agent said investigation of the murder is underway. He said an investigation team from Kohat also visited Parachinar and conducted detailed inspection of the murder spot.