A view of a house in Doug Darra area of Upper Dir where fire erupted on Saturday night. – Photo by Nasar Zada

UPPER DIR, 24 September: Six members of a family, including children, lost their lives as fire erupted in a house in Doug Darra area of Upper Dir on Saturday.

Local people said fire erupted in the house of Hamesh Gul in Babozo area due to unknown reasons in which his five daughters and a son died. One of the victim girls was 20-year-old, another girl was 16-year-old, while the ages of the rest of victims were less than 15 years. The mountainous area was out of the reach of Fire Brigade that was why the fire could not be doused in time. The local people extinguished the fire after hectic efforts of several hours but that was too late to save the lives of the children inside the house.

Police said the fire apparently spread from the angithi (traditional brazier used for space heating and cooking) inside one of the rooms of the house. Further investigations into the incident are underway.