12 years old Sajid and his younger brother demand of government to help find their missing father. Photo by Mehrab Khan

Mehrab Khan

LANDIKOTAL: Son of a missing person has appealed to the the government to help find his father who went missing from Peshawar six years ago but not returned home as yet.

12-year-old Sajid told this while talking to journalists in Landikotal press club on Friday. He said that his father Hazrat Umar had gone to Peshawar to buy medicines but did not return home since then. Flanked by his younger brother, Sajid said his uncles and other family members searched for his father but could not find any clue regarding his whereabouts.

Missing persons is very serious issue in Pakistan where the government and security agencies say that the number of such persons are in hundreds. According to the judicial commission on missing persons, some 4,804 cases of missing persons were reported till February 2018. The commission headed by justice retired Javed Iqbal claimed that due to the Commission’s efforts, a total of 3,274 people returned to their homes safely while the number of remaining cases stands at 1,710 by March 31, 2018.

Missing persons’ recovery is also one of the key demands of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) and its leaders claim that over 8000 people have been missing in Pakistan over the last one decade and so. They demand the authorities that missing persons should be produced in courts.