Nisha Arif

PESHAWAR: Smoking, cholesterol, obesity and blood clotting are among the main reasons behind paralysis attack.

Professor in Surgery Department of the Lady Reading Hospital Dr Haider Ali said in an interview with TNN that there are two main types of paralysis; the first type is that in which a vein in the head is blocked, while the second type is brain haemorrhage in which the vein is burst. In both cases, he said, the supply of blood to brain stops after which half of body of a patient is paralysed and the patient is unconscious.

Dr Haider Ali said in case of strong haemorrhage attack, when more blood quantity is left in the brain, the chances of death are more. However, in case of blockage of the vein, one hand and foot of patient becomes dysfunctional and such patient must be taken to hospital immediately.

Dr Haider Ali said there are two kinds of treatments for paralysis. He said one treatment involves opening of the blocked vein, while if the vein is burst, then it is repaired through surgery, and this facility is available in the LRH. He said he is the only doctor in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who can perform surgery to repair the burst vein, and chances of revival of patient are also good.

In case of blockage of the vein, the patient is asked to reduce cholesterol use and lose weight. If a patient is smoker, then he is asked to quit smoking, and physical exercises are also suggested. Medicines are also used to make the blood thin.

Dr Haider said a condition of blood may also cause blockage. Therefore, he said, it is seen during treatment whether a patient has a heart condition. If a patient has low blood pressure, then sweating during summer takes the blood pressure further down which affects blood supply to brain. Therefore, the doctor said, consumption of water must be increased.

Dr Haider said it is also very important to save the patient from a second paralysis attack. He said paralysis makes a patient weak, therefore, proper treatment must be made and if a patient is diabetic then it must also be controlled. He said the main reason behind increasing paralysis attack among women is the heart related conditions. He said younger people having low blood cells count may also suffer paralysis attack.


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