PESHAWAR: Son of a woman who died of coronavirus at the Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) has claimed that his mother did not show any symptoms of coronavirus and she was wrongly declared a corona patient.

Shahzad Advocate, the son of the deceased woman, said his mother was a heart patient and she did not show any symptoms of coronavirus. He alleged that instead of providing treatment to his mother, the doctors advised his mother to undergo coronavirus test. He said his mother was shifted to corona ward instead of cardiology ward.

Shahzad Advocate also accused the doctors of insensitivity who even did not bother to help the ailing woman when she fell from stretcher. He also alleged that the doctors refused to lift his mother back to stretcher saying that she was a coronavirus patient. He said he lost patience and indulged into argument with doctors over mistreatment of his mother. However, he said he did not know what happened with his mother afterwards at the corona ward. He said he has filed a complaint against the hospital doctors.

Few days ago, the relatives of the woman, who died of coronavirus at LRH, ransacked the hospital claiming that the woman was not infected with the virus.

The hospital spokesman said the relatives of the deceased woman broke the door of the corona complex as soon as they were informed that the woman has died. However, the staff remained unharmed due to timely action by the security staff.

The spokesman said the 50-year-old woman was brought to hospital from Shabqadar on Thursday at 7:45pm in critical condition. He said the woman’s file and all details of her treatment are available with the hospital administration. He said the hospital staff tried its best to save the life of the woman, but she could not survive unfortunately for which they share the grief of the bereaved family.

The spokesman said the hospital staff is working day in and day out for serving the coronavirus patients and most of the staff also remained present on duty even during Eid days. He said 117 coronavirus patients have recovered in the hospital due to efforts of the staff. He said over a hundred staff members have also contracted coronavirus while treating the patients.