DERA ISMAIL KHAN, 26 November: The internally displaced persons (IDPs) of South Waziristan residing in Dera Ismail Khan are facing lots of difficulties in getting ration.

The displaced people told TNN that the World Food Organisation (WHO) regularly changes its rules for ration distribution due to which they face many difficulties. They said many IDPs have shifted to other cities of the country and they have given their ration cards to their relatives in DI Khan to get ration for them. They said the WHO officials have now refused to give ration to their relatives. They said the women also wait in queues for hours to get ration which is against the local traditions.

A displaced person said he came from Karachi to receive his ration. “Five years ago, the WHO officials used to give ration of uncle, son, daughter and other relatives of one person on production of ration card. Now they have refused to give my ration to my relatives and I have spent Rs2,500 for coming here from Karachi to receive my ration,” he said.

Another tribesman said the WHO officials should either facilitate them or close the ration points altogether as current procedure is of no use for the displaced people.

“Bringing women here for receiving ration is a cumbersome practice. It is against the tribal tradition to make the women stand in queues for receiving ration,” he said.

The concerned NGOs are of the view that the WHO has introduced the blood relation formula to ensure provision of ration to the real displaced people and avoid mismanagement.


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