PESHAWAR, 7 October: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to make special seating arrangements for eunuchs in the Rapid Bus Service in Peshawar.

In a consultative meeting of Social Welfare Department with representatives of eunuchs on Friday, a proposal was made to specify separate seats for eunuchs in the Rapid Bus Service like men and women.

Blue Veins official Qamar Naseem said representatives of eunuchs told community members and government officials during the meeting that eunuchs face discrimination and hatred while travelling in passenger buses, taxis and rickshaws and they often face torture. They said eunuchs are not allowed to sit on the women seats neither they are allowed to sit with men due to which they individually hire taxis and rickshaws for travelling which is expensive and unaffordable for them.

Social Welfare Department Director Abidullah said he is aware of the problems faced by eunuchs. He said the government is planning to create space for eunuchs in Rapid Bus and other transport services.

Representative of eunuchs Farzana Jan said the plan of the government is like a dream for eunuchs. Farzana hoped that eunuchs will get this facility and the government will also work on projects to change people’s attitude towards eunuchs.