NORTH WAZIRISTAN: A grand jirga in Spinwam tehsil of North Waziristan district has threatened to shut down area’s main market, if the government failed to provide them basic amenities.

Spinwam Qaumi Jirga’s president Malik Liaqat Ali Wazir said that educated and businesspeople of the area were facing problems due non-functional PTCL wifi internet. He said that wifi inter stopped functioning, once they deposit the fee.

He said that they also pointed out corruption in government high school but district administration did not pay it any attention. He said that private persons were sitting in the Sadai Aman Bank’s branch of Spinwam and fleecing people. He asked the local authorities to take action against those responsible for fleecing public; otherwise, they would be forced to take to the streets.

He said that Spinwam was third largest of the district’s tehsils and despite its huge population educational institution and health facilities were non-functional.

Mr Wazir demanded authorities to make all such institutions functional. He also said that local people should also be provided employment opportunities.

He said that people of Spinwam tehsil were also facing water and electricity related issues and demanded for their resolution.


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