PARACHINAR, 1 October: Applicants continue to suffer due to staff shortage and non-availability of necessary facilities at passport office in Parachinar, demanding of the Interior Ministry to increase number of staff.

Talking to Tribal News Network, applicants standing in long queues complained that they were forced to stand in lines for hours as only three-member staff process applications of over 500 applicants visiting the office daily.

They said that hundreds of applicants return disappointed after failing to get their application processed. They said that there were neither washrooms nor waiting area for elderly people to wait for their turn.

“We demand the government to increase number of staff at the office as soon as possible so that hundreds of applicants waiting to get their passport could be processed,” said Mazhar Hussain.

Mazhar Turi, an official at the office, said that they have informed headquarters about the shortage and problems of the people and number of staff would be increased.