Students attending their class in a room which also serves as store room for broken furniture in a government school in Kohistan . Photo by Rafiullah

By Rafiullah

KOHISTAN, 11 November: Literacy rate in the far situated district of Kohistan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is extremely low which has caused great concerns among the people about the future of their children.

According to the district education department of Kohistan, there are only 1,158 schools for over 550,000 population of the district including 883 boys schools and 276 girls schools.

The National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) says only 16 boys and two girls among 100 in Kohistan go to school which presents a very bleak scenario. The local people told TNN that the main cause behind this disappointing scenario is the conversion of schools into male guest houses and cattle barns by the local influential people.

“People inquire about the pathetic state of education in Kohistan where ever we go. How can we promote education in the area when the schools and colleges remain closed? Seventy percent girls schools are closed here and the teachers are receiving salaries at their homes,” a local elder told TNN. He said their children had been kept away from education by corrupt elements in the education department.

Another elder said the teachers have converted the noble profession of education into a business. He said the teachers don’t perform their duties honestly which is a major reason behind the poor status of education in Shangla.

District Education Officer Khan Muhammad told TNN that several teachers don’t perform their duties in Kohistan. He said many schools in the district are situated in far flung areas and teachers and students face difficulties in reaching the schools.


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