Seema Sabah

It is prosaic not to be imaginative if a person feels fatigue and exhausted and sits beside the beautiful smooth flowing river or on the edge of a calm serene lake. It will relieve his exertion apparently and will fill him with inner peace too.

As we all know that Wordsworth was a worshiper of nature, he was true in his love for nature. He believed that there is a divine spirit in nature and believed that the company of nature gives joy to the heart of everyone. According to him, “Nature has a healing force”.

I agree with his words, he was true in it. Nature has a healing force ,it gives peace of mind of to those, who suffers with mental unsoundness. As a literature student, Wordsworth’s poetry influenced me deeply. So today I am going to share the next exciting adventure that we had to Lake Saiful Malook.

We rented a jeep from Naran, and started our travel at around 11:30am. The road was rough and dangerous, I wasn’t used to travelling with such terrains. We were jolted intensely during our travel towards our destination, the ride was rough indeed, but adventurous too. We ran across a great mass of glacier, had a cave made inside it, the water was pouring down forming a series of small waterfalls, the road was passing through it. The weather was hazy and it was too cold like the weather we usually have in February. It was all steep slope on our right side. I felt a bit dizziness because I wasn’t accustomed with such roads.

After 40 minutes of jeep drive, we got to Saiful Malook the mountainous lake known as one of the highest lake of Pakistan. There was a crowd of people on its entrance, but the moment I had a glance of lake, its beauty was appealing. The greenish-blue crystal clear freezing cold water, surrounded by huge glacier, including the breathtaking view of Malika Parbat, reflect the beauty of Saiful Malook. This divine lake is located in the northern end of Kaghan near the town of Naran.

We took some snacks and juices, sat in a boat and we t across the lake. I love the feeling of fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair, I closed my eyes to feel the sweep. It makes a refreshing change, I felt relived it was an inspiriting beauty Indeed. I had touched the freezing cold water with the tips of my fingers and enjoyed to the core. The view hypnotized me for a while, we captured the beauty of the lake through pictures that is for sure a great treasure of hectic routine, to remind and to be filled with joy.