PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government on Friday re-designated political agents, additional political agents and assistant political agents as deputy commissioners, additional deputy commissioners and assistant commissioners.

Chief Secretary KP Azam Khan asked the deputy commissioners and additional deputy commissioners to stop collection of all kinds of rahdaarees, import and export taxes, levies collected by them.

Besides, the DCs were asked to submit a compliance report to additional chief secretary Fata Secretariat within 48 hours in this regard. “The local administration shall ensure that no person or agency collect any type of tax, levy or fee anywhere in its respective juridication other then what a national law allows,” the notification read.

The chief secretary directed the DCs to stop all expenditures from the agency development funds and a bank statement of the mentioned account shall be sent to ACS Fata within 48 hours while any necessary expenditure shall only be allowed with the prior approval of ACS Fata.

The CS also orders removal of all checkpoints established for collection of taxes, however, this instruction does not apply to checkpoints set up for security purpose.

He asked ASC Fata to publish these instructions widely through print and electronic media, adding that ASC Fata should take up a case with Safron to provide requisite fund in lieu of Agency Development Funds in the regular budget for the remaining period of current financial year.