LANDIKOTAL: As many as 430 more Pakistani citizens have arrived from Afghanistan to via Torkham border and they have been sent to quarantine centres in Jamrud.

On the other hand, about 1,500 Afghan nationals stranded in Landikotal Bazaar are facing a lot of difficulties as they are forced to live under the open sky. Afghan nationals from different parts of Pakistan have gathered in Landikotal and they are waiting for the Pakistan government approval to go to their country. They said they have run out of money and they are facing a very difficult situation as officials at the Torkham border are not allowing them to cross the border.

The stranded Afghan nationals said they along with their children, women and elderly persons are suffering a lot in Landikotal Bazaar during the holy month of Ramazan. They said their sufferings are increasing with each passing day, while no one is taking notice of the issue. They said they must be allowed to go home on humanitarian basis.

The stranded Afghans said some people in Landikotal provide them food for Sehr and Iftar otherwise they had no money to arrange food for them. They appealed to governments on both sides to allow them to end their difficulties.

Azeemullah Shinwari, a local social activist, said the Afghan government must provide facilities to its nationals. He said the Afghan government must open the border for its people to end their difficulties. He said it is very dangerous to allow Afghan nationals to come to Landikotal from Peshawar in the given circumstances when coronavirus is spreading rapidly in all parts of the country. He said either the Afghan nationals must be allowed to cross the border so that they could go home or if it is not possible then they must be sent back to Peshawar as they may cause virus spread in Landikotal.

It is clearly noticed that the stranded people and may other locals are not following the precautionary measures and they are exposed to the danger of the virus spread. Locals fear that even a single coronavirus infection in the area may bring a very difficult situation which may be very difficult to handle.