PESHAWAR: Dr Adnan Khan, a Pakistani student studying in Agriculture University of Beijing, has said in a video message that the Chinese government is extending full cooperation and help to the Pakistani citizens for protecting them from coronavirus.

In the video message, which went viral on the social media, Dr Adnan said that despite shortage of masks and other equipment, the Pakistani students and other citizens are being provided all necessary items by the Chinese government. He insisted that there is no truth in the rumours spread through the mainstream and social media about the virus.

Dr Adnan said all the students are checked on daily basis to make sure that they are safe from the disease. He said all facilities are available to students and all the hospitals are open round the clock. He said everyone has permission to go to any market. He said there is no truth in reports that the prices of daily use items have increased enormously due to coronavirus crisis.

Dr Adnan said the sole purpose of not allowing Pakistani students to go home is their health consideration. He said the authorities don’t want the spread of the disease to Pakistan that is why it is taking all the precautionary measures.

Despite repeated demands from students, parents and other quarters of Pakistan, the Pakistan government has decided against evacuating its students from China amid coronavirus crisis. The Pakistani authorities say they trust the best healthcare system of China and they are confident that China will overcome the crisis soon.

Coronavirus death toll mounts to 722

The death from deadly coronavirus mainland China mounted to 722 on Saturday with 86 more deaths.

Chinese authorities have confirmed the deaths besides infection to thousands of others. The death toll is poised to pass the 774 deaths recorded globally during the 2002-2003 pandemic of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), another coronavirus that jumped from animals to humans in China.

On Saturday, media reports said an American citizen was also among those who died from coronavirus in China – the first death of an American from the disease. Japan also reported death of a person with symptoms similar to coronavirus.