By Gul Muhammad Momand

GHALANAI, 03 December: Militancy alongwith sluggish approach of government authorities towards education has forced as many 70 kids to get education under the open blue sky.

It was in June 2013 when miscreants blew up the building of a primary school in Sherano Kalay, one of the 25 disputed villages situated on the border between the Yaka Ghund subdivision of Mohmand Agency and Charsada district.

“The school had two rooms and a veranda before it was blown up by militants,” recalled a local of the area and added all the furniture and record was also destroyed.

“The government, after the incident, provided a tent for the students which housed them for a year or so but the miscreants put it on fire too in broad daylight,” he informed. Since then the students are forced to sit under the open sky, the villager maintained.

Among the 70 students, there are also a few girls studying in the early primary classes. The school has two teachers and a watchman whereas one vacancy is still laying vacant.

“Every year, the concerned officials conduct survey and include the project in the annual development program but it has not been built yet,” said a teacher. He added that the open surrounding affect the students badly as they got ill due to cold and dust.

When contacted, an official in the Fata secretariat confided that since the disputed 25 villages come in the jurisdiction of the KP government, so it is not their responsibility to construct the building.



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