A view of a school closed due to protest of teachers in Khyber Agency. - Photo by Saleemur Rehman Afridi

BARA, 17 December: Students of the government-run schools in Khyber Agency have called upon the government to resolve the problem of upgradation of their teachers.

Talking to TNN, the students said their exams are not far away while the schools are closed due to protest of the teachers. They said the protest of teachers has disturbed their studies to a great extent and further damage is expected if this protest movement did not end soon.

A student said most of their courses remain incomplete due to protest of teachers. “Our preparation for the exam has been disturbed and we fear we will not be able to produce good results. The government should resolve the problems of our teachers so that they could pay their full attention on our education,” he said.

The teachers of FATA are holding protest since 1 December over not getting upgradation. They have also locked the schools since 7 December and some teachers have also reached Islamabad to record their protest. They said they will continue their agitation until they get upgradation.


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