A view of Jehanzeb College in Swat. - Photo by Shaista Hakeem

By Shaista Hakeem

SWAT, 8 November: The 26 October earthquake, which caused widespread damages in Swat valley, also damaged the buildings of major educational institutions of Swat i.e. Jehanzeb College and Swat University.

The district administration of Swat has declared the Swat College and University buildings unfit for use after the earthquake. All the academic activities in Swat College and University have stopped after the earthquake due to which the students are facing many difficulties.

A student of Jehanzeb College told TNN that there are over 300 students in every department who have been deprived of education after the earthquake. “The First Year (11th Grade) students take their classes under the tents which are not enough to protect them from rain or cold wind,” he said.

Another student said holiday was declared in the college on Friday due to rain and extreme cold weather.

Similarly, the administration of Swat University says the university’s main building in Odigram is unfit to use after the earthquake due to which the academic activities of over 2,000 students have come to a halt. Muhammad Fida, Provost of the University, told TNN that no space is available for the 2,000 university students to attend their classes. “We are making efforts to obtain some place on rent to continue the classes of the university students,” he said.

According to the district education department, 150 schools have been damaged in the earthquake out of which 20 have been closed. It says about 25,000 students are getting education in these schools.


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