By Ayaz Raza

PESHAWAR, 03 June: With the arrival of the summer season, trees in the mountains of Khyber Agency have also filled with black currants, locally called ‘gwargwaray’.

The mountains of Khyber Agency are not that lush green as of Swat and Murree, but they have a good number of black currants trees. Everybody in Khyber Agency likes to eat this fruit in this season. Twenty-five-year-old Javed and his friend Feroz Shah, 30, go to the mountain in the morning along with other friends and eat this delicious fruit of the season.

“Two verities of black currants are available—one of Khyber and the other of Sapari. The Khyber black currants are more sweater than of Sapari. We go to the mountain in the morning and by 10 am and come back with a lot of black currants. We not only eat it ourselves but also distribute it among our friends,” they said.

The residents of Khyber Agency also send it to their relatives and friends as a gift and people also sell it in the bazaars. Pashto poets have also mentioned this fruit in their poetry.


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