A view of a house destroyed during military operation in Khyber Agency. - Photo by Saleemur Rehman Afridi

BARA, 19 June: A survey has been launched in Bara area of Khyber Agency for reconstruction of houses damaged in the ongoing war against militancy.

According to the political administration, the first phase of the survey is being held in Akakhel area. A complete survey of the damages during the last seven years insurgency will be conducted in the area. The administration said Rs400,000 will be given to the owners of completely damaged houses, while Rs160,000 each will be given for partially damaged houses.

The local people have expressed satisfaction over the survey. However, they have demanded increase in the compensation money for their damaged houses.

“We fully trust the government for this survey. No one should be deprived from the assistance and everyone who suffered losses should be helped out,” a local tribesman told TNN.

“The government is giving Rs400,000 to people for completely damaged houses. This amount is even insufficient to construct a single room. The government should increase this amount,” another tribesman said.


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