Survivors of Peshawar attack tell horrible story

By Muhammad Zubair Khan

PESHAWAR, 3 December: Three friends from Mansehra, Muhammad Sohail Khan, Saleh Khan and Abdullah, were also present at the hostel at the time of terrorist attack on Directorate of Agriculture in Peshawar on Friday. However, they luckily escaped unhurt in the attack.

Nine people, including six students, lost their lives in the attack, while over 30 others sustained injuries. Abdullah and Saleh narrated their story at the time of the attack to TNN correspondent through telephone.

Sohail said most students had gone to their homes due to holiday, but he along with his two friends decided to stay in the hostel to prepare for the upcoming exam. He said they slept after studying till late night and woke up with the noise of firing by terrorists in the morning. He said he wanted to go out of his room, but Abdullah stopped him.

“After a little while, we heard firing and cries in our nearby room and after that our door was also knocked and they asked us to come out and then started firing on our door,” Sohail said. He said he along with his two friends lied down on the ground and started reciting Kalma-e-Shahadat. He said several bullets passed near them.

“They kept returning to our door and continued firing for two hours after intervals, while we were lying on the floor and reciting Tilawat,” he said.

Saleh Khan said they heard sound of siren after two hours after which they gained a little hope because it meant the security forces have arrived at the scene. He said the soldiers took them out from the room safe and sound.

Saleh Khan says he is missing his martyred friends.

Saleh Khan said when they came outside the hostel; they received information about the death and injuries to their other colleagues. He said he was so sad to lose friends who used to play football with him and eat food with him in the canteen.

“I don’t know whether I should call these memories as sweet or otherwise,” he said.


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