KHAR, 18 July: The people of Mamond and Charmang sub-divisions of Bajaur Agency are facing difficulties due to suspension of mobile phone service.

The local people said mobile phone service in these two sub-divisions is since the last few weeks due to which they cannot contact their loved ones in different parts of the country and abroad. They said the local Member of the National Assembly Haji Bismillah Khan and Senator Hidayatullah Khan have not taken any step for resolving this problem.

The people of the area demanded the prime minister, army chief and other high officials to resolve the problem.

“We are very perturbed over the suspension of mobile phone service in our area. We cannot contact over loved ones in Pakistan and abroad and they also cannot contact us and the whole communication is blocked,” a local tribesman told TNN.

Another tribesman said the people have been deprived from this basic need in this modern age.

“Businessmen are also facing many difficulties in contacting people. We have to travel now to convey any message to anyone and it is not guaranteed that the person will be available at home or not. Lack of mobile phone service has made our life extremely difficult,” he said.