Customers gather to buy food from Cherry Berry Hotel in Peshawar. - TNN

PESHAWAR, 14 September: Many hotels in Peshawar are well-known for offering delicious mutton, kabab and Kabuli pulao, but a mobile hotel run by a 50-years-old person in a Suzuki van in front of Khyber Teaching Hospital never lags behind.

The “Cherry Berry Hotel” run by Shaukat doesn’t have any sitting arrangements or any other facilities offered at large hotels. However, the Peshawar University students, teachers, doctors of the hospital and attendants of the patients often prefer the food items sold by the hotel on the roadside.

Shaukat told TNN that he has named his mobile hotel Cherry Berry, a dish prepared from chicken. However, he said people also like to eat home-cooked lentils, vegetables and other food items available in his hotel.

“I am running this hotel since 1998. I arrive here at 10:00pm and sell out all the food items by 1:00am. I bring all the food stuff in a Suzuki van,” Mr Shaukat said. He said many people wait for his arrival on daily basis for dinner. “People come to my hotel for good quality food and don’t care about lack of other facilities in my hotel,” he said.

Visitors at the hotel told TNN that they also call it “Mini Continental Hotel”. They said the hotel offers quality food on lower prices.

“We have observed that Cherry Berry Hotel provides better food on cheaper rates from other big hotels situated in this area,” a customer said.

Another customer said Cherry Berry is only available at this hotel. “We often arrange get together and visit Cherry Berry Hotel to enjoy food and company of friends,” he said.