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Khalida Niaz

Hailing from Swabi village, the young poet named Farman Kaskar has been arrested by police. According to Swabi’s Kalu Khan police station’s clerk, Hussain Ahmed, Farman Kaskar has been arrested by police upon his father’s request. According to the clerk, Farman disobeys his parents, and as a result, has gotten arrested under section 107.

Later he was introduced before a local court where he was being released on bail.

‘My aim is to bring smile on everyone’s face’: Farman Kaskar wants to publish book

A photo of Farman Kaskar’s is going viral on the Internet after his arrest and people are sharing their opinions regarding it. Some people believe that Farman Kaskar hardly seems 18 years old and according to law sharing his picture (that was taken after getting him arrested) is a crime. Whereas on the other hand other users find his picture amusing and are sharing their views and opinions through the medium of tweets and comments.

A Twitter user named Mudassir Hussain shares his comment sarcastically and funnily, saying, neither the earth exploded nor did the sky fall upon this heinous act of arresting such a young poet.


Another user, named MAK wrote in a humorous tone, that great poets of history had to go through the difficulties of imprisonment. This great poet has to endure the same course. This is so unbearable. He said that the police needs to take action and set him free immediately.

R. Kakkar has considered this an assault on the Pashto literature.

A user named Abu Mujeeb seems very happy about Farman Kaskar being arrested and has tweeted that the police has done a great job by arresting Farman Kaskar. They should have done that earlier.

Farman Kaskar belongs to the area Tarakai Kamargai of district Sawabi and his father Riaz Ali works in a tobacco depot. Farman Kaskar has 6 siblings and he ranks in the second number among them.


In an interview with TNN, Farman shared how he got famous. “A friend of mine named Somdeen shared one of my poetry videos on the Internet which luckily got viral and people surprisingly liked my poetry a lot. I was on cloud nine when I got to know that I have gotten famous on social media. For now, I am famous in my own country but one day I want to make a name which people know worldwide.

Farman Kaskar told TNN that his favourite singer is Sofia Kaif and he listens to her songs all day long.

Farman shares his poetry videos on social media now and then and he has a great fan following but of course there some people who don’t like his poetry at all.

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