SWAT: Swat Police on Saturday foiled a bid of giving six-year-old girl as Swara (compensation) to settle a dispute between two rival families.

On receiving information, police raided the remote Lakhar village of Khwazakhela tehsil and rescued a six-year-old girl who was being given as Swara to settle a dispute between two rival families. Police also arrested 14 persons involved in the practice.

Police said there was enmity between two families over a murder. A Jirga had arranged patch-up between the two families and a girl from the accused family was being given as Swara to the victim family. Police raided the area and arrested 14 accused involved in the practice.

A case has been filed against 17 accused involved in the arrangement. Raids are continuing for the arrest of the remaining accused.

The ugly custom of Swara or Wani is still prevailing in some backward areas of Pakistan, particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in which an innocent girl of a family is given in marriage as compensation to the rival family without her consent to settle a dispute.

On October 10, 2020, police in Upper Dir foiled a bid of punishing an eight-year-old girl for the sin of her brother.

TNN correspondent reported that a bid of giving an eight-year-old girl as Swara for forgiving the sin of her brother in Chargom area of Upper Dir was foiled. Local police took action after receiving information that the little girl was being handed over to the rival family as bride and Nikah had also been held.

Police arrested 12 members of the Jirga which had announced the verdict of giving the little girl as Swara. The person who administered the Nikah was arrested.

Sources said the Jirga gave the girl as Swara to settle an honour-related dispute. The brother of the little girl, Safiullah, was accused of having illicit relations with a girl from the rival family and he was receiving death threats. Finally, it was decided by the Jirga that the Safiullah’s sister will be given to the rival family as Swara and the dispute will come to an end.

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