Salman Yousafzai

PESHAWAR: The demand of facemasks and sanitizers increased manifold after outbreak of coronavirus pandemic after which some people misused the situation and stared hoarding, while there were some who took the opportunity to help the people in this difficult time and started distribution these items free of cost.

Khalid Khan and his friends, who are tailors in a small shop in Charsadda, have decided to address the problem of shortage of facemasks by making the same from simple cloth and distributing it among the people free of cost. Khalid Khan told TNN that he and his friends have distributed thousands of free facemasks so far.

Khalid Khan said he along with his friends is making facemasks for the last two weeks and they have so far made 3,000 facemasks from 200-yard cloth. He said he got the idea of making facemasks when these went missing from the market and its price multiplied manifold.

“At a time when people are misusing this situation and making money, me and my friends Irshad Ali and Azam Shah have decided to serve the poor people by providing them facemasks free of cost,” he told TNN.

Among other precautionary measures, health experts are also emphasising the use of facemasks to avoid the spread of coronavirus. The patients who are infected are also advised the use the mask to avoid the spread of the virus.

Khalid Khan said Irshad Ali took the responsibility of purchasing cloth for the facemasks. He said he has also left his routine work and nowadays he is spending all his energies in making facemasks. He said he feels blessings and mental comfort in this work.

“I am the sole breadwinner for my family after the death of my father. My family is also proud of me that I am serving the masses in these difficult times,” he said.

Irshad Ali told TNN that after coming to know about his practice, many other tailors in the area have also started distribution of facemasks free of cost. He said he and his friends went to every street in 12 villages of Tangi tehsil of Charsadda and gave facemasks to people. He said he and his friends are also guiding the people about proper use of facemasks and its benefits.