A tailor busy in his work in Peshawar. - Photo by Kashif Aziz

PESHAWAR, 8 July: As the holy month of Ramazan witnessed a sharp increase in the prices of food items and other commodities, tailors have also hiked their charges.

Every year, the tailors increase their charges in Ramazan as everyone strives to make new clothes for Eid. People are facing many difficulties due to this situation.

“The tailors don’t accept orders for making clothes in first place and if they take clothes then they demand double charges. They receive from Rs500 to Rs900 for sewing a single dress,” a citizen of Peshawar told TNN.

However, the tailors are of the view that they demand more charges due to extra workload during Ramazan.

“We charge Rs600 for sewing a dress in normal days. However, we charge up to Rs700-800 in Ramazan due to extra workload,” a tailor told TNN.

The people have demanded the government to fix rates of tailors like other commodities.


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