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Taliban have banned women from travelling long distances without being accompanied by a male relative.

Taliban’s ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has issued the new travel restrictions for women.

Breshna Safi, a deputy governor of Laghman province in the Ashraf Ghani administration said that Taliban rule has ended women’s mobility in Afghanistan.

She said that Taliban have closed down educational institutions. “Women working in other sectors either rarely leave their homes or have been stopped from working,” Ms Safi said.

Regarding the travel restrictions, she said that Taliban should be mindful of the fact of that many of the families have lost their male members in four decades war.

She said that in some other families, male members were abroad while many still at homes also had other duties to attend.

Ms Safi said that though the times have changed; however, not the Taliban’s thinking.

“Taliban started imposing restrictions on women soon after coming into power,” she said. She said that Taliban should lift these restrictions.

Ms Safi said Afghan women lives were very difficult and they could not keep following such directives issued on daily basis.

“Islam does not impose such restrictions on women as Taliban are doing,” she said. She added that the Taliban restrictions on women were not justified.

Are Taliban backing off from their promises regarding women freedoms?

Earlier in August last year, Taliban had promised to not to impose any restriction on women. However, now Taliban are gradually imposing restrictions, causing consternation among women.

Qandi Safi, an Afghan national living in Peshawar for past many years said that she was extremely unhappy with Taliban decision. She said this decision was going to cause great trouble to those families who have no male members.

Ms Safi said that many a families of have lost their male members in the course of Afghan war.

She said that males could not round the clock accompany their women, as they have their own responsibilities to attend. “Women also need to venture out of their homes for their needs,” she said.

Ms Safi said that no one will accept these Taliban restrictions.

She said that Taliban have already banned female education in Afghanistan. “Education is a basic necessity and closing door of education on women left then without any opportunity,” she said.

She said that Afghanistan current situation resembled those in films, where a group starting dictating people live after taking over the control.

Ms Safi said that there was less awareness during Taliban first rule; however, times have changed now. “People are more educated now in the times of social media,” she said.

She said that Taliban rule will not linger on, despite their taking over the power.

Besides the ministry advisory has also directed people to not play music in their vehicles. A couple of weeks ago, Taliban had directed Afghan media to not show dramas with women characters. Taliban had also directed women journalists to wear full hijab.

The announcement has came days after US announcement to allow humanitarian aid for Afghan population. Earlier this month, Taliban supreme leader Haibatullah Akhundzada had directed the government to impose women rights.




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