PESHAWAR, 6 October: The Afghan Taliban have again claimed occupying most parts of the strategic Kunduz city.

The Taliban claimed that they have captured most parts of the city and the Afghan security forces are retreating. The Afghan security forces are facing a number of difficulties in clearing Kunduz from the Taliban.

The Afghan security forces said 7,000 soldiers are conducting door to door search operations against the Taliban in Kunduz. They said they are facing difficulties in getting reinforcements and other required help from the government.

The Taliban militants had occupied Kunduz city few days ago after which the Afghan security forces with the help of US troops claimed regaining hold of the city.

Meanwhile, NATO forces commander in Afghanistan General John Campbell said the air strikes on a hospital of Medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Kunduz were conducted on the request of the Afghan forces. He said the Afghan forces had said that militants were attacking them from that area. Twelve workers of MSF and 10 patients were killed in the air strikes on the hospital.

Compiled from media reports


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