KHAR, April 20: Tanzeem-i-Asatiza has distributed textbooks and stationery items among 112 orphan students.

President of the Tanzeem-i-Asatiza, Prof Muneer Khan, distributed these books and stationery among students at the Al-Huda orphanage. Tanzeem-i-Asatiza is a

a representative body of the teachers.

We are helping orphan students for the last many years and it is source of profound satisfaction for us, he said. “Our fellows in Tanzeem-i-Asatiza contribute one per cent of their salaries to the Tanzeem, making Rs 50,000 to 80,000 a month. This money is disbursed on the programmes of the Tanzeem-i-Asatiza as well as orphan students are also helped by providing them with textbooks, stationery items or school uniform.”


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