Khan Khwar Hydro Power Project

BISHAM, 28 August: After remaining dysfunctional for almost one year, the technical fault at the Khan Khwar Hydro power station has been removed as a result the project has restarted power generation officials said here on Sunday.

According to Chief Engineer Haji Muhammad Khan and Executive Engineer Amin Khalil, the capacity of the hydro project was also upgraded from 72MW to 74 MW.

They added that due to some technical faults, the station was dysfunctional and it was not generating power. “The engineers and all the technical staff worked hard to remove the fault after which the project started generating electricity,” Muhammad Khan said.

The officials informed that the Khan Khwar hydro power station generate electricity worth Rs360 million on daily basis while its annual generation is equal to Rs64 billion.

They added that hydro projects are the cheapest sources of electricity generation and the government should concentrate on such projects to provide cheaper electricity to the public.