MARDAN, November 7: The number of children addicted to the usage of Samad Bond as a drug is increasing day by day.

Samad Bond is a chemical that works as an adhesive and it is used in making furnitures and footwear.

A welfare organisation, HOPE, has started treating the bond-addicted children in Mardan a few months back.

Mr Atif Badshah, a member of the HOPE, says that apart from the hundreds of thousands of drug addicts across the country, there are almost 40,000 children who are addicted to the chemical. In Mardan, more than 1000 children have got addicted to it.

When asked the reason of this particular addiction, a 12-year-old Qasim Gul said that he got used to of Samad Bond partly due to domestic disputes and also because of the bad company.

“We collect the garbage and wash the cars of other people. Whenever we drink the Samad Bond, we neither feel any pain nor do we get hungry. And another thing about it is that it’s the cheapest drug. One pack suffices our purpose for two or three days,” he added.

Dr Aziz said that the children become drug addicts due to carelessness of their family and it becomes hard for them to give it up later.

“Most of the children who come here for the treatment are usually 10 to 15 years old. They come to us at a time when they are badly affected with the problems of lungs, kidneys and other fatal diseases. There is no such law introduced for keeping an eye on addicts in our country,” he said.


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