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PESHAWAR: The term fast food is used for items which are either precooked or can be cooked in a lesser time than ordinary food. Life today is quick and way of life changes has made individuals dependent on food and eatables that can be promptly prepared. Handled food sources like noodles, pizza, white bread, diet soft drink and so forth fall in the category of fast food.

Usually people think that it is helpful to eat such food which pleases the taste buds more than normal food and this is the only reason that many children and adolescents prefer to eat fast food instead of normal cooked food.

A study related to eating fast food in Lahore and Faisalabad shows that in the year 2018 there were almost 89 percent people indicating a preference for fast food over fine dining or cooking at home.

During the conversation about fast food, my nephew Muhammad Hasnain, 19, showed great interest and said “I once in a while eat food at home at whatever point I feel hungry I crave to eat burger or pizza as I found these more delicious than the regular daal-chaawal or sabzi cooked at home.”

He added that the expenses of eating fast food is out of his affordability and he generally finds his pocket empty amidst the month.

The issue of the cost of fast food in a developing country like Pakistan cannot be ignored. During a survey, almost 60 percent people indicated that they are not satisfied with the prices of fast food. It is true that fast food offers parents an advantageous and reasonable alternative for taking care of their families but such food is also the main cause of stiffness and unhealthy condition of their children.

Aneesa Mukhtar, a mother of five in Nowshera, says that fast food necessitates participation of children in extracurricular activities because it does not provide adequate nutrients for physical activity. She added that lack of physical activity not only keeps children out of peer groups but also impairs physical and mental health.

Fast food consistently tastes great, yet its adverse consequences on wellbeing keeps going on. The fast food with take are unhealthy suppers which have elevated cholesterol, salt, sugar, artificial flavors, and interestingly, it contains less nutrients, minerals and different supplements than the better food sources cooked at home. Fast food causes an assortment of wellbeing problems, mostly in youthful age, for instance absence of nutrients, calcium which debilitate bones in future. The increased use of fast food affects pregnancy and fertility of females.

Health expert Dr Faryal Afaq from Nowshera said fast food affects fertility in many ways. She said women who eat fast food more, take more time to conceive than a normal woman.

“Eating burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, fried chicken, and chips makes it hard for a woman to get pregnant. We usually prescribe ladies to eat green vegetables, fruits, healthy food and drink milk to remain healthy and strictly forbid them from eating fast food,” she said.

Fast food consumption certainly should be strongly controlled among youngsters and children as it does nothing but bad and may do a lot of damage. One of the strategies which can resist the damage is making quality food all the more effectively accessible at reasonable costs and in a really engaging arrangement. Another approach to be protected from the harmful impacts of fast food is to replace fast food on roads and cafés with homemade burgers, sandwiches and pizzas which will taste the same yet the ingredients utilized in homemade food will be safe and protected to eat.


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