MARDAN: Ambreen from Mardan was just 18 years old when her brother killed someone after a clash over a trivial issue and she was given as swara (compensation to settle dispute) to the brother of the diseased person.

“At the time of marriage, my age was 17 years less than my husband. I had never imagined in my life that I would meet a fate like this. I accepted it as my fate and endured everything,” she said while talking to TNN.

Ambreen said she was married off as swara soon after the murder by her brother and the memories of the deceased were still fresh in the minds of her in-laws when she went there as a bride.

“This was a very difficult time for me as I was there as a sister of someone who had killed their loved one,” she said.

Ambreen said the behaviour of her husband was very rigid like other in-laws, but his behaviour improved after the Almighty blessed her with two children.

“However, the behaviour of other in-laws didn’t change and they still tease and scorn me on trivial issues,” she said.

Ambreen said she is never satisfied with her life, but she knows she has to spend rest of her life in the same house for the future of her children.

“I wish I could have completed my education, stood on my own feet and married a person according to my own choice,” she said while taking a deep breath.

She said she had no permission to go to her parents’ home and they also cannot come to her home. “They sometimes allow me to meet my parents, but only for five or 10 minutes. I would request everyone to think a thousand times before quarrelling with someone,” she said.

Ambreen said her life was ruined just due to mistake of her brother, but she would appeal to society to end this ugly tradition of Swara. She said such marriages should be avoided where a girl has to spend all her life against her will and where she gets no respect. She said girls should not be punished for the crime of their brothers.


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