Muhammad Tayyeb

PESHAWAR: The impacts of ongoing conflict in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign troops are now clearly visible in Pakistan, particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Afghan Taliban have claimed that they now control 85 percent area in Afghanistan, a claim vehemently rejected by the Afghan government, terming it exaggeration, and vowing to take back the captured areas. Intense fighting continues with reports pouring in about massive casualties from both sides.

As its immediate neighbor, Pakistan always suffers the most in case of any instability in Afghanistan and this time, it is not different either. The people of merged tribal districts bordering Afghanistan and the capital city of Peshawar are particularly concerned about the developing situation. The law enforcement agencies are fully cognizant about the situation and they have stepped up preparations to meet any challenging situation.

In an alarming development, participants of a funeral in Peshawar’s Regi area held a pro-Taliban rally after the funeral few days ago. The law enforcing agencies immediately swung into action and arrested the rally participants and now they are facing the law. After investigation, it was revealed that the funeral was offered for Maulana Abdur Rashid, an important member of Afghan Taliban, who died in Afghanistan and his funeral was held in Peshawar.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police has announced that it will never tolerate any activity aimed at disturbing law and order.

Inspector General KP Police Moazzam Jah Ansari said while talking to media persons at Peshawar Press Club on Saturday that the provincial government was keeping an eye on the evolving situation in Afghanistan.

The police chief said KP Police was prepared for any kind of situation amid the evolving situation across the border and its possible impacts on Pakistani side. He said the KP government could face challenges in the wake of the security situation in the neighboring country and in this regard it is fully prepared.

The KP police chief said fencing of border with Afghanistan was continuing smoothly. He said lessons have been learnt from past experience, and border fencing will help a lot in managing the movement of people on both sides of the border.

Moazzam Jah said the morale of KP Police is high and it is fully prepared to protect life and property of citizens.

Senior journalist and expert in Afghan affairs Fareedullah Khan says there is no harm in peaceful rally in support of Afghan Taliban if it did not harm security and security institutions.

The US has also accepted the Taliban as a major stakeholder in Afghanistan and Taliban have also softened their stance on certain matters to pave the way for final settlement. Taliban also know that they cannot fight for ever and they are participating in talks for peace. After all, everyone knows that peace in Afghanistan is in favour of all stakeholders.



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