A view of a theatre drama at Nishtar Hall in Peshawar. - Photo by Kashif Aziz

PESHAWAR, 30 October: An Urdu theatre drama ‘Kaun Banay Ga Badshah’ was arranged at Nishtar Hall Peshawar on Thursday to depict the negative role of some politicians who use the public for promoting their personal interests.

People associated with art and literature, journalists and other people came to watch the theatre drama. The drama showed that the rich-poor gap in our society is further widening. It urged the need for bridging the rich-poor gap to create balance in the society.

The viewers greatly appreciated the drama and its characters.

“It was a very positive activity and such event should be organised in Peshawar in future as well because entertainment opportunities are very scarce here. The drama also created positive awareness about imbalance in the society and the need of correcting this balance,” a viewer told TNN.

Another viewer said the drama very effectively portrayed the class system and the problems associated with it.


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