Rani Andleeb

PESHAWAR: Different rumours have been associated with coronavirus vaccination and some of these rumours are so ridiculous that one can only laugh at it or express anger at the level of stupidity. Some of these rumours are that the vaccine causes infertility, physical and mental weakness, growing of unwanted hair and death after two years.

Keeping in view the sensitivity of the issue in a society like ours, the government decided to provide the vaccine first to frontline health workers, and then soldiers and teachers were vaccinated before general public. Other countries are also more or less adopting the same procedures. So the question arises why any country would want to risk the lives of its health workers and soldiers and then the common people? It shows that the rumour mongers are foolish and those believing in such things are even more foolish.

Corona is a dangerous disease which could be fatal, therefore, vaccination is advisable to protect oneself and others from this dangerous disease which spreads rapidly when an infected person comes in contact with others.

It’s a positive sign that most people are not paying heed to rumours and coming to vaccination centres in large number. When I went to a vaccination centre at Nishtar Hall in Peshawar along with my parents, the atmosphere was good as air conditions were running in the hall. Special arrangements were made for elderly persons who were provided single dose of vaccine.

I was administered Sinovac and I felt no side effects. I was told to come for another dose after 42 days probably due to shortage of vaccine supply. Those travelling abroad are facing problems due to shortage of vaccine supply as mostly Sinovac or Sinopharm is provided in Pakistan, which is not recognised by most of foreign countries.

Our aunt goes to Saudi Arabia every year to spend time with her son and also performs Umrahs, but this year she was not allowed as Chinese vaccine was not recognised by the Saudi authorities. However, all vaccines have been prepared keeping in view the safety standards and there are no side effects whatsoever.

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