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PESHAWAR: The fall season is upon us and winter is just around the corner.

Whenever I think about winters it just brings the thought of a hot steaming cup of tea or coffee, a book and some comfy corner of the house near the heater.

As the summer season is almost done with its round of the year, everyone has taken a sigh of relief. Because, why not? The sun is ready to give up its scorching glares and to hide behind the cold, foggy clouds for at least a couple of months, people are also highly anticipating seeing their favourite season of the year.

For it is a season where everything makes sense and people enjoy spending most of their time outdoors, especially in the warm comfort of the sun.

Winter’s my favourite season for a number of reasons.

Fallen leaves

Fallen leaves lying around on the ground with the colour of a sunset are one of the delightful sights of the winter. And the sound of crunching the leaves under your feet is so satisfying, one can’t help but smile.

Especially if you’re a student of the University of Peshawar, the sidewalks, which are guarded by trees, become a home for fallen leaves every morning before they’re brushed aside. The sight of it is so magical, awakening the shy poet inside of you.

Reading a book

Since winters promise long nights one can easily quench their thirst for reading through the night, turning page after page with silence all around inviting you to go deeper into the world of imagination and fantasy (based on the genre of the book).

Reading always appeals to me more during long cold nights because it helps create a magical environment around me once I open up the book and dive into the other world.

Peanut party

It’s one of the purest joys of winter and is also known as ‘the charm of the winters’, for it is the famous dry fruit across Pakistan, especially KP.

Having a bowl full of peanuts and sitting amidst your family and friends, and having unending gossip till late at night is all one can want from life.

According to medical experts, it contains a great amount of energy, hence a healthy snack that helps to keep your tummy full, and also tends to be helpful in weight loss.

One of the other benefits of peanuts is that they’re a source of protein and healthful nutrients, such as iron, magnesium, and fibre, making them a healthy snack.

Many vendors on pushcarts are also seen selling the seasonal delight of crispy peanuts at every corner of Peshawar.

Tea and coffee

As winter’s chill deepens a hot steaming mug of tea or coffee becomes a must throughout the day to beat the chill, offering comfort and health.

Whether you’re at home or your workplace, the urge for gulping down a steaming cup of tea is always there, to keep you energised.

And during the long nights of winters curling up with a warm drink, reading or watching TV or having a conversation with your friend on a phone call can be relaxing especially after a hectic day.

Also, warming up your numb hands around a warm cup is one of the smallest delights of winter.

Different kinds of tea also start getting popular as the winters approach, such as; ginger tea, pink (Kashmiri) tea, apple tea, green tea. Speaking of which, the Qissa Khwani Bazar which is famous for its green tea becomes a must-visit place for people to go there and revive the history of sharing a story over a cup of tea.


December comes with a rush of snowflakes covering everything with a fluffy white blanket making an aesthetic picturesque for the eyes of its admirers.

It’s one of the things that’s equally joyful for the children and adults because everyone likes to play around in the snow, making snowballs and throwing them at each other.

People who live in the urban area tend to head to the northern areas of KP during the winter vacations to have a firsthand experience of watching the snow falling from the heavens. Murree and Nathiagali become tourist’s spots for snow lovers once again.

Indeed winter does bring in plenty of delights for the people of Peshawar. No wonder why it is the favourite time of the year.

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