The security men injured in IED blast in North Waziristan
The security men injured in IED blast in North Waziristan

NORTH WAZIRISTAN:  In yet another Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast, three security men were injured here in Data Khel area of North Waziristan Tribal district on Wednesday.

The security sources informed that the party of the security forces was on routine patrol when they came across an IED that suddenly exploded. The blast left behind, three security men injured.

The security sources further informed that after the blast, the injured men were shifted to the Military hospital, where their conditions are in stable condition.

This was not the first attack, so far, hundreds of tribal people and security forces men were injured or maimed in IED blasts in North Waziristan. The people of the area have been demanding the government to clear the tribal area from IEDs and provide them with protection. It is also one of the demands of the Pakhtun Tahaffuz movement, asking the security forces that their area must be clear from IEDs.

During the current year, a number of IEDs blast were reported. On April 26, An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) hit a patrolling party of security forces; as a result, a soldier was martyred while three others sustained injuries, said security sources. On April 20, yet another IED blast injured two security forces men in Kharr Qamar area of Data Khel of the district.

On March 22, an old age woman was injured in Land mine blast in Tabi Tol Khel area of North Waziristan. According to government sources, the 90-year-old Dawar Bibi was collecting firewood from the nearby area when she came across a land mine. It was added that when she touched the mine it exploited with a huge bang, injuring the lady. On February 13, a tribal elder, Abbas Khan, was killed in IED explosion in tehsil Mir Ali of North Waziristan. On January 24, two children sustained injuries in IED blast in North Waziristan district.


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