Forest wood being used for construction of damaged houses in Tirah valley of Khyber Agency. - Photo by Saleemur Rehman Afridi

BARA, 18 May: The people of Tirah valley of Khyber Agency have started cutting forest wood to reconstruct their houses damaged during the military operation in the area.

The local people told TNN that their houses were set on fire by the militants, while mortar shells also landed on many houses during the military action. They said they are cutting forest wood to reconstruct their damaged houses as a matter of compulsion as they have no other resources to repair their houses. The locals said the government can save the scenic beauty of the area and also resolve the problem of the local people by providing them readymade roofs.

“The scenic beauty of Tirah valley will diminish if the process of cutting forest trees continued. We are very poor people and have no other mean of income to reconstruct our houses. We demand the government to provide us girders and readymade roofs for reconstruction of our houses,” a local resident told TNN.

On the other hand, the political administration of Khyber Agency said work is underway on shelter homes for the people affected by military operation in Tirah.


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