PESHAWAR: Commissioner Peshawar Amjid Ali Khan on Wednesday asked Tehsil Municipal Administrations to get No Objection Certificate (NoC) from Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) prior to issuance of architectural designs of housing societies and commercial buildings.

Now the WSSP will approve if the drainage system designed properly or not. The decision was taken at a coordination meeting of WSSP, Peshawar Development Authority and Tehsil Municipal Administrations held here with commissioner Peshawar in the chair.

Chief Executive Officer WSSP Syed Zafar Ali Shah, zonal manager WSSP Engr Turab Shah, representatives of TMAs and PDA and Health Department, Police Department and public sector hospitals were present in the meeting. “No map will be issued in future unless WSSP approves drainage designs of any housing society and commercial buildings,” the commissioner said. He directed all the hospitals to submit a detailed report on hospital waste and its proper disposal.

The commissioner was briefed on hazards of open dumping of hospital waste being dumped in WSSP containers, sanitation and water supply to residents of Peshawar. He also asked for a list of encroachment that will be submitted to the concerned wing of TMAs for removal while the Building Control Authority will be responsible for removing debris while action should be taken against the encroachers.

The presence of dairy forms inside the city also came under discussion and it was decided to take up the issue with the Environmental Protection Agency. The commissioner was informed that there were 65 dairy forms inside the city that have been a constant source of nuisance to the public.

Amjid Ali Khan directed WSSP and aligned departments to jointly devise a strategy for the proper utilization of available resources. He said that better coordination among WSSP and aligned departments will result in better services delivery and help them fix responsibilities as well as a sustainable solution to the disposal of hazardous waste.

He directed TMAs and WSSP to prepare a list of encroachment that will be sent to the concerned department for removal. He assured that police would provide full support in removing them.

He said that the Building Control Authority will remove building material of the encroached structures. The commissioner also asked the aligned departments to take up the issue of drainage system under Sher Shah Suri Pulwith Cantonment Board Peshawar and find a lasting solution to it. The commissioner directed PDA to find a permanent solution to muddied markets and heavy vehicles that were causing dirt on Ring Road.


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