South Waziristan student Dilawar Khan talking to media. - Photo by Shakir Mehsud

WANA, 13 August: A poor student from South Waziristan Agency has called on the government to approve scholarship for him for his studies.

The student, Dilawar Khan, got 925 marks in the recently held matriculation examination from Kaani Guram High School of South Waziristan — the highest marks in all the government schools of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

The schools of South Waziristan had been closed because of military operation due to which the local students residing outside the tribal agency arrange their own tuition and then apply for the matriculation exam directly through the clerk of their school. Dilawar, who resides in Tank, also arranged tuition for him and after appearing in the exam got top position in the whole FATA region.

The 15-years-old Dilawar told TNN that his father is a labourer. He said despite financial constraints, his father bore his tuition and other expenses till matriculation. However, he said he cannot continue his education due to financial problems.

“I belong to a very poor family. My father is a labourer who cannot arrange money for my further studies. I will definitely serve my area and country after getting higher education,” Dilawar said.

A local Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader, Dilawar Khan Mehsud has paid two-year fee to Qartaba College for the education of the tribal student. Mr Mehsud said it is a matter of great concern that the student who topped the whole FATA in the matriculation exam is living in disappointment due to indifferent attitude of the political administration and government machinery. The political leader demanded the government to provide financial assistance to this brilliant student from FATA to continue his education.


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